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Motorcycle Insurance – Frequently Asked Questions

Motorcycle Insurance

Is motorcycle insurance more expensive than car insurance?

Yes it generally is, for the simple reason that it’s much riskier to drive a motorcycle. The vehicle may cost less than a traditional car but that has almost no bearing on the likelihood on an accident, which is much greater in the case of a motorcycle.

Are all motorcycle insurance policies the same price?

No. Again the most important metric when it comes to setting a price for a policy is safety ratings. The safer the bike, the less expensive the policy. Another important data point is likelihood of theft — some bikes are much more likely to get stolen than are others, and therefore more pricey to insure.

What is the best way to keep motorcycle insurance costs down?

Obviously, the best thing you can do is drive safely. Just like car insurance providers, motorcycle insurance carriers offer discounted rates for safe driving.

Outside of prophylactic driving, you could try to cut costs by electing not to purchase comprehensive and/or collision coverage. Of course this is a major risk in and of itself because these will pay to repair the motorcycle in the case of an accident, theft or vandalism. These can amount to nearly 65% of your insurance bill, but of course you are betting against never getting into an accident. Also of note: this option is only available for those drivers not financing their vehicles; lenders want to protect their investment and will not allow a car to go without collision and comprehensive coverage.

How does liability coverage work with motorcycles?

In traditional car insurance terms, liability coverage pertains to coverage extended to other people in your car — and it’s almost always mandatory. The thinking is that some passengers lack medical insurance and the national economy needs to be protected from injured folks who can’t pay their medical bills.

Liability coverage for motorcycle drivers is more optional; it’s called guest passenger coverage, and if you truly believe you will never have any passengers on your back then it could be a way to save money on insurance. We don’t recommend this path, but it’s obviously a personal choice.

Can I get a group discount on motorcycle insurance?

Possibly. Motorcycle owners are a generally tight-knit bunch and membership in one of a handful of organizations — American Motorcycle Association, Grold Wing Road Riders Association, BMW Motorcycle Owners of America and others — could reduce your monthly bill. Be sure to ask your carrier if you qualify.

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